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What happens during a session?

The first meeting

It is a time for discussion that allows you to express your difficulties, your wishes and your needs. We clarify your objective(s), and together we establish support that suits you and corresponds to you. This is not fixed and can adapt to your evolution throughout the sessions, always in agreement with you.

A practice time is also planned, as a first discovery of sophrology.

At the end of this session, you choose to work with me if you wish.


  • A time of welcome and exchanges: This moment allows us to take stock of what has happened for you since the last session, as well as to adjust today's session according to your current wishes and needs.

  • A time of practice: Through different exercises (body mobilization, mental visualization, relaxation etc.) we approach the objective of the day. Depending on the session, it will be possible to practice two different exercises.

  • A time to share your experience: This time allows you to express your experiences and your feelings during practice. Putting words to the experience you have just had, allows you to integrate it a little more deeply within yourself.

All your accompaniment will be through listening, sharing and kindness, so that you can make this space yours and let what is shown in you emerge.

Déroulement séance
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