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Sophrology and sport performance

Les sportifs

Stress and emotions management

Reduce post-competition stress through relaxation and breathing techniques to promote calm and lucidity. Develop the ability to evacuate unpleasant emotions (frustration, pressure, discouragement etc...), and replace them with more energizing, positive or calm ones

Pleasure and motivation

Be aware of the pleasure he has to do what he’s doing, and connect to it. It is the best stress antidote. It also makes it easier to access to his potential and abilities. Working on his motivation to connect to the «why am I here (for what)». It will allows him to see in the long term by developing his determination, as well as quickly remobilize in case of failure.

Vitality and body listening

Develop good vitality and promote recovery. Listening to his body to have a better perceptions and sensations, to better perform technical gestures and prevent the risk of injury.


Be aware of his abilities, resources, potential. Anchor them in his body and head to have an easier access when he need to.


Put himself in his bubble, stay focused on the present moment and his goal, manage downtime well.

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