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femme enceinte, grossesse

Sophrology, a magnificent tool to enhance your story.


The pregnancy

Learn to welcome this changing body, to listen to it. Learn to soothe your emotions, optimize your sleep, maintain good vitality, develop the relationship with your baby.

Preparing for childbirth

Whatever your birth plan, I will accompany you so that you feel ready, serene and confident on the day of your childbirth. I am eager to help women to regain their power and autonomy when their baby comes into the world. 

Throughout the sessions and according to your needs, we will see together how to better manage pain using specific breathing and mental imagery techniques, better manage your stress, strengthen your confidence in yourself and in the capabilities of your body.

Childbirth can sometimes be a marathon. Your vitality will also beheart of your accompaniment, so that you can relax, rest during work, and thus stay on the length in complete serenity.

Childbirth rarely goes as expected. Preparing yourself for all eventualities will be essential, so that whatever happens, you feel ready, serene, confident in yourself, in your body and in your baby to fully experience this unique moment.


So many great discoveries that could be on the program for your sophrology accompaniment.


The arrival of the baby is an upheaval in your life and in your daily life. I accompany you according to your needs, so that you can experience this adventure in the most beautiful possible way.


Reclaim your body, understand your emotions and soothe them, learn to recover more easily to gain vitality, strengthen the bond with your baby, gain confidence in yourself and the future, feel serene, etc.

A time, a space dedicated to you, in listening and kindness.

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